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Kai Becker :: Sonatine in D-Major for Classical Guitar :: Three Short Movements

My first purely „Classical“ composition ever.


Schubert : „The Unfinished“ : 1st Movement (Adaption) : For One Classical Guitar

My arrangement of „The Unfinished Symphony“ in B-Minor by Franz Schubert (Composed in1822) – Adaption of the 1st Movement, played on a „La Mancha Perla Negra“. The Pictures were taken by Gisela Strickmann & Andre Krajewski.


Kai Becker :: „IF YOU COULD KILL….“ :: with lyrics and background story

Yes, this is me! Some people might not beleive it. Written & Recorded 23 years ago (in a time without social media). The current „Sign of the Times“ made me publish this in our „Modern Digital Times“. All lyrics after the intro are included & and also the background story. THX 2 Olaf Grauwinkel for playing one mean guitar! – btw – The tune was not changed in any way.


„Beatles Medley“ :: (9 Songs) :: Instrumental Acoustic Studio Recording :: Classical Guitar

Get Back :: Blackbird :: Eleanor Rigby :: Lady Madonna :: Across the Universe :: Whem I’m 64 :: Penny Lane :: Helter Skelter :: Nowhere Man :: Get Back (Reprise) :: Foto Credits :: Gisela Strickmann & Andre Krajewski ::


Kai Becker :: „Radio Ga Ga“ :: (Queen Cover) :: Acoustic Folk Ballad Version

My „Acoustic Folk Ballad Old-Time-Radio-Hommage-Coverversion“ (just Acoustic Guitars & Overlayed Vocals) of this famous Queen-Classic. Realised/Recorded with Minimum Technology.


Kai Becker :: „Sebastian“ :: (Cockney Rebel Cover) :: Guitar-Synthesizers & Vocals

Here is my version of that great, symphonic, mysterious Cockney Rebel tune from 1973 – using two Guitar Synthesizers (Roland GR 55 & Boss SY-300) and doing the vocals (three-part-harmonies). Hope it is dark, melodic, creepy, gothic, hypnotic, electronic-symphonic, spooky……..


Kai Becker::“Auditory Illusions“ (Part I-V), Suite for Roland GR 55 Guitar Synthesizer

Parts I & III were recorded in Real-Time-One-Take directly using the GR 55 Synthesizer Loop Machine.
A Video for Listening Pleasure in Corona Times? YES! This is my therapy. Without making Music I wither like a flower. And now that we are not able to play LIVE anymore even more so.
Officially registered ISWC original Composition. As mentioned before – no keyboards were
used and everything was played on/through just one Acoustic Guitar. Key: E-Minor, Tuning: Regular. This is also my Hommage to Klaus Schulze.


Kai Becker::“Brain Trigger“::12-String-Guitar-Mind-Music

Psychedelic-Cosmic-Spiritual-Space-Time Out Of Mind-Meditation. Played on a 12-String Acoustic Fender Guitar. Fully Legally Registered ISWC Original Composition. Tuning: G-G-D-Bb-D-G using a Spider Capo. Most Generous with the Stereo Delay..:-).


Kai Becker::“Xiztenz (Part I + II)::Roland GR 55 Guitar Synthesizer

Part 1: 0:00 – Part 2: 2:30. Original Composition. No Keyboards or Drum Machines were used. Recorded entirely using the Roland GR 55 Guitar Synthesizer. No Quantitizing. All Sounds recorded in Real Time with the Phrase Looper and plenty of Overdubs and Cut&Paste Audio Editing – All sounds triggered and played on a Yamaha FGX 412 Acoustic Guitar.


Kai Becker::“Forest Ritual“:: (Spiritual Intensity)::12-String Guitar

Once upon a late August morning in the Forest next to my Garden House…All Pictures were taken in aprox. one hour… Music played on a 12-String Acoustic Fender CD-140SCE-12 Nat. Tuning: F-Ab-C-G-Ab-F. Key:F-Minor…. No Humans in the Video…..


Kai Becker::Transmutation in B-Minor::(Fender 12-String)::Studio

A mystic „Alchemistry-Composition“. Tuning is B-F#-C#-D-A-D, so every single string is tuned differently than „Regular“ Guitar-Tuning.
Played on a Fender CD-140SCE-12 Nat. Studio Recording.


Kai Becker::“Rain City Blues“ (Instrumental):: (Studio):: Classical Guitar

For my „rainy“ Hometown.Tuning is D-A-D-F#-C-C. Played on a Classical Guitar (La Mancha Perla Negra).


Kai Becker – „Hidden Waterfall“ – Classical Guitar (Studio)

Original Instrumental Composition, slightly „freed“ from conventional chord progressions. For my next CD


Kai Becker -„Silent Waters (Run Deep)“ – 12-String Meditation – (Studio)

Exploring the beauty of a 12-String in a quiet way. (Tuning: DADGHD). Played on a brand new „Fender CD-140SCE-12 Nat“. I am glad to have such a fine instrument and I am also glad that I have reached a state-of-mind that allows me to play that calm, where I don’t play the instrument, but the instrument plays me.


Kai Becker – „4-Minute-6-String-Reggae-Jam“ (Studio)

Original Composition, Original Recording (October 2017), Tuning is „Open D.Minor“, Key is D-Minor. ……..if you should be in need of a laid-back „Summer-Feeling“..:-). Played on a Yamaha Acoustic.


Kai Becker – „Dust in the Sunlight“ – From „Acoustic Affairs II“ – (Studio)

One of my „Ambient Atmospheric Soundtrack“-Compositions. I wanted to have the feeling of a Fretless Bass. Taken from my CD „Acoustic Affairs II“ (2011). Played on a 6-String Yamaha Western Guitar. Tuning: Regular,
Key: E.


Kai Becker -„Austin Shuffle“ (Studio) – 12-String Epiphone

Fairly fast original tune played on a Vintage
Acoustic Epiphone FT 160 Texan 12-String.
Regular Tuning, Key: E.


Kai Becker „Blue Chase“ from „Acoustic Affairs“ (Studio)

An „old“ tune, part of my Live-Programm, Tuning: Open G, Key: D-Minor.


Kai Becker – „Slidetude“ – from „Stringocracy“ (Studio)

Tuning: Open D. Made for a Soundtrack. To be found on my 2018 release „The String Theory“


Kai Becker – „Freeze“ – from „Acoustic Affairs II“ -Studio

Tuning: DADGAD – Instrumental – Original Composition. To be found on my official 2018 release „The String Theory“


Kai Becker -„I See In C“ – from „Stringocracy“ – Studio

The Opener from my 2017 CD „Stringocracy“. Tuning (of course) – Open C. Later to be found on my official 2018 release „The String Theory“. Played o a 6-String Acoustic Yamaha.


Alle Musikstücke © by Kai Becker.


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